Using a designer can actually save you time and money by offering choices and directions before you start. The challenges faced every day in custom furniture and cabinetry is figuring out what will work and what will not. Being a designer and expert craftsman, I can demonstrate and expain these alternatives and options.

Design is the process that will lead to the production of successful custom work. I have thirty plus years experience designing, building and installing custom cabinetry. The cabinetry ranges from kitchens, bath, entertainment units, bookcases, and mantels as well as many furniture pieces. Most of the work is residential in nature but many products are in commercial use.

The passion of the craft is the driving force behind the creativity, and the design is the vehicle that enables me to create. My expertise, gained through many years of thoughtful design, as well as working closely with my clients, has qualified me to handle this design process in most custom cabinet projects. I look forward to serving you - Bob Dow

Planning and Study • Researching the magazines, client questionnaires, books and photos of selected images, as well as consulting the Dow Design library is the starting point. The second part of the project includes discussing and determining the best location for each aspect of the design, implementation of desired items as well as planning for the timing of each building phase.

Drawings • Floor plans, elevations and 3D drawings are reviewed with the client.

Fabrication • The fabrication process is where I create the woodwork. All of the ideas, plans and desires for the project are realized. My craft is very seasoned by 30 years of exacting performace. When the final piece is set in place most of my customers have expressed that I have exceeded their expectations.

The years have taught me one thing for sure…my unique essence is creating, whether it is woodwork or art work or even my website. I have a passion for the creative process that drives me to continue when others might have chosen a different path.
My approach to design, offers alternatives and insight into the arena of possibilities, whether it be it a piece of furniture or a kitchen design. I resolve the suggested possibilities down to the useful, the realistic and the necessary as well as artistic or whimsical elements. In other words - in this process, I suggest what will work, what will fit and what will look great in any particular home.
The pieces of custom work that you will find on this website are varied and unique because I planned them that way. Each piece starts out with a theme or a desire by the buyer and is developed into a comprehensive structure by my artistic and analytic nature. The result…most people remark – “this exceeds my expectations”.

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